[5] TOP BEST TO FACE  cats usa pest control IN USA

Signs Cats are in Your Yard IN  USA

The first step in tackling a pesky cat problem is detecting cats in your yard. After that, it’s time to take action. There are several signs you may see

Deterrents and Repellents

The best way to get rid of cats is by using deterrents and repellents. Deterrents are designed to scare away animals, while repellents are designed to actually drive them away (through scent or otherwise).

If you’re looking for a quick fix right

now, make sure that you pick something up that is labeled as an immediate-effect repellent. Repellents can be used in many different ways, including sprays and granules. They often rely on scents or tastes that cat don’t appreciate

Try using a motion-sensor sprinkler

which will give cats (and other small animals) a little wet surprise. You can also try spraying them with a water hose (which they probably hate). Sometimes that’s enough to scare away these pesky critters.

It won’t be easy—cats are notoriously hard to trap—but it is possible

There are plenty of homemade cat traps online if you’re willing to put in some time and effort. You could even use chicken as bait! Just remember

Trapping the cat

Many people think a cat in their yard is cute and they don’t want to go through too much trouble trying to remove it. That’s understandable, but you have a right not only as a homeowner but also as a pet owner to decide what happens in your yard.

In Case Traps Don’t Work

If you’re unable to eliminate your cat problem using humane traps, or if your cat population is just too big, you may have no choice but to turn to lethal means. Decide whether it makes sense for you and your family to handle euthanasia yourself or whether it’s more practical and humane for a vet or animal